Insects of Putrajaya: Guide Book.

January 2014

This book describes the multitudes of insects that can be found in Putrajaya Lake and Wetland Ecosystem. The book was published by Putrajaya Holdings and authored by Dr Faszly Rahim in 2015. The multitudes of insects as portrayed in the book are the display of the beauty of the creations by Allah SWT as mentioned in Surah Fatir 35: 27-28.

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July 2015


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Oktober 2015


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November 2019




Al Ankabut: Antara Lelabah, Sawang dan Sesawang

6 Mac 2020

In this video, Dr. Faszly talks about the endeavour in studying the animals and insects as mentioned in Al-Quran, while highlighting the spiders especially the spider-web in Surah Al-Ankabut 29:41. The most important highlight was a table of statistical data in his published paper that might point to the non-significantly changing single parameter on the web which reflects the word “Awhan”.