Islamic Science is a new academic discipline, created to integrate Islamic values ​​with science. It is based on the belief that knowledge and science are tied to values, and are manifestations and results of a particular ideology and philosophical framework.

In Islam, there is no contradiction between revelation and science. In fact, these entities are harmonious and cohesive linked together in a larger epistemological framework, encompassing the relationship between human and the Creator, the universe and the creations.

Through a thorough understanding of the hierarchy and functions of each entity, previous Islamic scholars and scientists have developed and explored new fields that lead to the development of science and technology for the benefit of mankind as a whole.

In this regard, the Islamic Science Institute (ISI) is a symbol of the efforts of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) to restore the greatness of science and technology of Muslims. A holistic and cross-disciplinary approach towards Islamic Science aims to integrate science with Islamic studies under the framework of the Quran and Sunnah.


  • To be an international reference center in the field of Islamic Science for the development of the ummah and universal humanity.


  • Determined to be a reference center based on Islamic Science using the latest technology to produce talent and expertise that can transform the country, ummah and human beings.


  • The combination of Naqli and Aqli knowledge as well as noble character is the main core of forming an excellent generation and a knowledgeable society.


  • Legacy of the Future Gateway


  1. Exploring and restoring the superior tradition of Islamic knowledge in the field of Islamic Science.
  2. Transforming research towards producing a Center of Excellence (CoE) based on Islamic Science.
  3. Dignifying the field of Islamic Science and bringing it into the mainstream of global education.
  4. To produce talents and expertise in the field of Islamic Science with high potential to lead and spearhead the development of the ummah and universal humanity.
  5. Disseminate the understanding of Islamic Science across fields and levels of education.


  1. Conduct research and publications related to the field of Islamic Science.
  2. Empowering Research Cultivation among Research Clusters/Units/Centers
  3. Coordinate Multi -Field/Cross -Field Research
  4. Manage research grant applications, coordinate research activities and monitor the achievement of research grants under the ISI.
  5. Promote and link the cooperation of the Cluster/Unit/Research Center with external parties.
  6. Encourage Clusters/Units/Research Centers under ISI to establish Startup Companies.
  7. Coordinate the organization of consultation and training of Clusters/Units/Research Centers under ISI.
  8. Offer and manage Masters and Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Science programs.
  9. Managing the offering of Islamic Science Courses.
  10. Managing Islamic Science programs, discourses and training.
  11. Manage student association programs and activities under ISI related to design, innovation and Islamic Science.
  12. Manage Islamic Science publications under ISI and Cluster/Unit/Research Center research.
  13. Implement programs for ISI fundraising.
  14. Coordinate the application and management of funds in the form of endowments/zakat/grants/contributions under ISI.